What you choose to share with me remains confidential unless I have reason to believe that someone may be at risk of serious harm. In these cases I would if at all possible discuss the situation with you before disclosing information to a third party. However, there are occasions (for example immediate risk of physical danger to a child) where this might not be appropriate or possible. I will at all times be guided by supervision, the BACP ethical guidelines and my legal obligations.

Young People

I hold an Enhanced CRB Disclosure and also require parental/guardian permission to counsel young people under 16 one-to-one. However the content of these sessions remains confidential between myself and the young person. Where I am concerned for the safety of a young person I will take appropriate action under the guidance of supervision and my legal obligations – in extreme situations this may not mean parents are automatically informed (for example – but not restricted to – if there is abuse going on in the home).


I am supervised regularly in compliance with the BACP guidelines but do not share names or personal details with my supervisor or anybody else other than in exceptional circumstances (see Confidentiality).

Domestic Violence & Abuse

Domestic violence and abuse are common among couples from all backgrounds, classes, cultures and orientations. From my Relate training and experience I know that where there is ongoing physical violence, working with both partners together may not be safe but I can help couples in this situation to get individual support either from myself or other agencies. Where couples are prepared to commit to a non-violence agreement for the duration of therapy, I can in many cases work with both partners together.

Record keeping

The terms of my insurance require me to keep records of sessions for a period of 7 years. These are kept securely at my home address and are not accessible by anyone else (ie other therapists, receptionists, clients, people using the same venues where I work). You have the right to request copies of your notes at any time. I will not release copies of your notes to anyone else including legal professionals (eg divorce lawyers) without your prior written permission unless legally required to (eg the police investigating serious crimes)